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Advanced PDF Joiner 1.8

It is a utility that simplifies the task of joining two PDF documents
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Advanced PDF Joiner is a PDF merging tool that allows you to join two PDF documents in different ways. The program is quite comprehensive and offers a variety of merging methods; from the simple combination of two PDFs to more advanced options like replacing a page range in a pair of documents.

The application is easy to use, regardless of an unfriendly looking interface. The merging process is clearly divided into steps, so it's easy to follow through. After loading your documents, all it takes is tick a box in the "output type" section in order to select the merging method. There you have the option to simply append one document to another, but it is also possible to replace page ranges, insert pages from one document into another before or after a specified page, combine documents by alternating pages, reverse the order of pages, etc.

For the purpose of this review, I attempted to join two PDFs by inserting a page range from document 2 into doc 1, more specifically, insert pages 2 to 6 after page 5 of the first document. And the result was satisfactory; the program did a really good job preserving the original PDFs layout intact and adding the designated pages just where it was intended.

There seems to be no restrictions on using the program functions, so you can freely test any of the joining methods in the trial version, however, the program will add watermarks in every page of the new PDF document.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to use
  • A variety of merging methods


  • Interface looks a bit dated
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